Why join ENIITO

ENIITO - why join


The ENIITO mission is to support Nordic designers in their pursuit to scale their businesses internationally.


ENIITO in short

  • Only selected designers will be permitted to create a shop. We do this to maintain a high level of quality.
  • Designers are shop owners. This means they will handle production, stock, shipping and maintenance of the shop.
  • ENIITO facilitate the transaction (support PayPal and all major credit cards), but more importantly we facilitate the contact to shoppers world wide. So we will market shops and products on behalf of shop owners.
  • In exchange for our marketing activities we commission 20% of each sale. This means it is free to be on the platform, and the designer only pays ENIITO when a sale is made.

Interested in becoming a shop owner?

Our goal is to support Scandinavian designers looking to reach an international audience. 

We do this by offering international PR and marketing, exploit economies of scale and creating a strong community of talented, independent designers.

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