Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Last updated March 13th 2017

Everyone creating quality products, based in Denmark, Sweden or Finland, aged 18 or above can apply for an ENIITO shop. We are working on a solution to include designers from Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands as well.

All items that you have made, personalized, designed or in any other way created. The sole requirement is that you have full ownership of the product, does not infringe any third party rights by selling the product, and you are the instigator of its manufacture.

Examples of what you can sell: clothing, jewellery, furniture, art, interior etc.


  • Livestock.
  • Pornographic and other material that is offensive.
  • Material that is racist.
  • Weapons.
  • Products that cannot legally (i) be sold in Denmark and/or exported to countries where a shop customer is residing.
  • Handmade items that you have not designed.
  • Handmade items that you do not possess intellectual property rights for.

This list is not exhaustive and ENIITO reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether merchandise is in breach of these terms and may remove items from eniito.com without notice.

You may not upload images and other materials to eniito.com if you do not own the copyright.

You are responsible to obtain any permissions and licenses necessary for selling your products, you must secure that the Products live up to all safety and other requirements applicable in Denmark and at any destination of export.

As shop owner, you are solely responsible for keeping your user account- and shop information valid and up-to-date. The identity of the shop owner should be clearly stated, i.e. as shop owner you are obliged to provide your proper name. Thus, the use of a synonym or a false name is not permitted.

As shop owner you must describe your items precisely. You are solely responsible for any errors, deficiencies or omissions in your product descriptions. Be honest and describe your items the way they are. This is the best you can do to avoid misunderstandings with the buyer. Describe your items in detail to help and guide the buyer: What makes your product unique and desirable to the buyer? What details would you show if the product was sold personally?

Any customer complaints concerning quantity of or defective items shall be passed by ENIITO to you, and you shall solely be responsible for such issues.

You shall be responsible for and indemnify ENIITO for any product liability that might be conferred upon ENIITO on the basis of products sold via ENIITO. ENIITO shall be entitled, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, to denounce liability under product liability regulations.

In case that such claims are directed against ENIITO you must indemnify and hold harmless ENIITO from any such claim and costs associated with the defence against such claim (including legal fees).

Contractual terms and conditions, that shall apply between buyer and shop owner in conjunction with a transaction, are those stated by the shop owner in his/her shop. The duty to inform the buyer of the shop owner’s terms and conditions does not rest with ENIITO but is the sole responsibility of the shop owner.

As a shop owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the correct price is stated for the items available in the shop. Prices for shipping, fees or any other charges shall be clearly stated in the shop. Prices must be shown inclusive of VAT.

As an ENIITO shop owner you are welcome to operate web shops hosted by other or yourself. But we ask our shop owners to respect the efforts put into promoting your products and brand by offering a price guarantee. Consequently, your items must not be offered at lower prices on other web-shops.

As shop owner, you are responsible for ensuring that you own the intellectual property rights for your merchandise and that its sale does not involve a breach of the copyright and intellectual property rights of a third party.

You hereby grant to ENIITO the right to use any and all of your intellectual property rights associated with your items and business that are necessary for ENIITO to operate our services.

If ENIITO is met by any claim on the basis of your items infringing third party rights, you must indemnify and hold harmless ENIITO from any such claim and costs associated with the defence against such claim (including legal fees).

As shop owner, you are responsible for informing about any cancellation and return rights for product(s) purchased in your shop and for compliance with current applicable legislation in your country.

All ENIITO shop owners must – as a minimum – comply with the EU e-commerce legislation for purchases made from one of the 28 EU member states plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Read more about your rights and responsibilities here.

If a buyer wishes to exercise their right to return, ENIITO will refund our commission.

As shop owner on ENIITO, you are obliged to report your taxable earnings to the appropriate authorities. ENIITO cannot be held liable for this. ENIITO recommends that you find out about current regulations at the appropriate authorities.

ENIITO is subject to the standard rules of Danish law.

For Danish companies you must register your company as an Export Company with the Danish Trade Council. You can do this at Skat.dk.

For Swedish based companies please find a guide at Tullverket.se.

In both of above cases the export registered company will receive an EORI number, for other EU based companies who wish to sell at eniito.com, you can read more about applying for an EORI number at Trade Helpdesk Europe

To become a registered shop owner you must first be approved by the ENIITO panel. As a shop owner, you can choose to build your shop yourself. Or you can go for our Premium Package and have us build and manage the shop for you. Please acquire more info about this Premium service when applying for a shop.

The price of a product is determined by the shop owner. ENIITO claims 20% commission of the total amount at checkout. At eniito.com buyers can pay with Paypal and major debit- and credit cards. ENIITO facilitates the transaction.

ENIITO transfers earnings to shop owners each month on the 15th or next day of business to the owner’s bank account – or Paypal account for designers outside Denmark. Earnings made in January will be transferred February 15th and so forth.

ENIITO reserves the right to adjust fees, terms, conditions and its likes at any time with a 14-days-notice.

ENIITO offers support both by phone or email.

The agreement can be terminated by each party with a written notice of 14 days.

If a party undertakes a material breach of the agreement and has not remedied the breach with 10 days from having received notice, the other party may terminate the agreement without notice and claim damages for any loss incurred as a result of the breach.

ENIITO may suspend trading via your shop pending investigations into whether you are in breach of agreement.

We are both obliged to keep the contents of our agreement and any information relating to the trade between confidential, and must not disclose the same to any third party without the other party’s prior acceptance.

Your relationship with ENIITO is governed by Danish law. Copenhagen City Court will be the legal venue in the first instance for all disputes.