Night & Day – Coral Collaboration

The pattern on the Soldiser Night & Day silk scarf is based on references made in several ancient Norse poems about the goddess Night, her son Day, the goddess Sun and her brother Moon. Together they race through the skies, eluding the fearful wolves Sköll and Hati, making it possible for all creatures of the nine realms of Norse cosmology to tell time. The story accompanying this Soldiser silk scarf also reveals the reason for the occurrence of morning dew in summer grass and explains why collaboration is the foundation of every miracle.


100% silk
Made in Italy
Hand rolled hems
90*90 cm, scarf
Dry clean only
The full Soldiser Night & Day story is enclosed separately with your order

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Meet the designer:

Accessories always make a statement but Soldiser’s silk scarves tell a whole story Swedish entrepreneur and designer Åsa Trulsson founded Soldiser with the conviction that behind every great des... See more

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