Toddler Copenhagen, Cup, tableware – kids, 4 colors

The Cup in the ToddlerTäble collection is designed without a handle but with a ledge that can rest on the fingers of the child.
The Cup has a slip resistant surface on the outside to assure an excellent grip. On the bottom, however, it is smooth so it can be pushed across the table without tumbling over.
An extra weight has been added to the bottom of the cup to assure greater stability when standing on the table.

Materials & specs:
ToddlerTäble contains absolutely NO BpA, Phthalates, PVC
Slip resistant surface
Dishwasher safe

Diameter: 62mm
Height: 63mm

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Meet the designer:
Toddler Copenhagen

ToddlerTäble is Danish Design for the smallest guests at the dinner table. All pieces in the collection are ergonomically designed for small hands that instinctively prefer to grab round and chubby ... See more

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