STOOLESK smoked oiled oak

STOOLESK is basically STOOL in double size with double functions: Small children aged 1-5 may use it as a desk, when sitting on STOOL. Children older than 5 years and adults may use it as a bench, bed side table or coffee table.

STOOLESK and STOOL fit perfectly together having the same angles and good stability. STOOLESK has room for paper and pencils on one side – always at hand, when creativity calls.

STOOLESK is made of wide massive oak planks, to fully enjoy the wood grain. Designed by Frederic Collette.

STOOLESK has achieved the Nordic ECOlabel SWAN, documenting its durability, health safety and environmentally sound production.

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Meet the designer:
Collect Furniture

Danish company specialized in sustainable and eco-labeled small furniture and accessories. Most of the furniture is designed for children, with focus on motivating and a... See more

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