STOOL natural oiled solid oak

STOOL is a step for children to reach high and a small bench to sit on. Turned upside down it becomes a scooter to ride on or a wagon for play. The kids can use it in any room, but ideal to reach the bathrooms sink or the kitchen desk.

The inclined angles give stability and enable the stools to be stacked. Turned around – the legs of the A-shaped stool become steering-handles. The stools are made of massive oak planks, to enjoy the wood grain in full width.

STOOL can be used as a bench to sit at its matching desk STOOLESK or FRAME TABLE.

STOOL has achieved the Nordic ECOlabel SWAN, documenting its durability, health safety and environmentally sound production.

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Meet the designer:
Collect Furniture

Danish company specialized in sustainable and eco-labeled small furniture and accessories. Most of the furniture is designed for children, with focus on motivating and a... See more

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