Klein Denmark, GIRAFFE, Stool

THE GIRAFFE is the perfect buddy when your child wants to join mom and dad in the kitchen or is having a hard time reaching the bathroom sink. This small stool is made of a lightweight material, which makes it easy for your little one to move around. Angled legs and its rubber feet keep THE GIRAFFE secure and stable when your child is reaching new heights.
THE GIRAFFE is compatible with THE STORK. Combining the two creates an area for contemplation and imagination; where books can be read and creativity can begin.

Material – Body is made in FSC marked birch plywood. Legs made in FSC marked pinewood and everything is painted with Dyrup Dekstrem water-based transparent paint.

Weight: 1kg
Dimension: 45 x 20 x 28 cm

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Meet the designer:
Klein Denmark

Klein Denmark was established in 2016 by Kenny Rygaard Christensen and Line Hahn Gottschalk. High quality is their biggest measure of success. They want to create items that last for many generations.... See more

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