K Ó S M O S – I

K Ó S M O S – I is a unique chain that mixes the modern lines with irregular details of handmade craft. It  is made from waste material from local metal producers in Skåne, and changes accordingly with what the producers have to offer from their overdoing. This springs collection consists of 5 different material:

∅ 65 mm – brass
∅ 50 mm – brass
∅ 40mm – aluminium
∅ 28 mm – copper
∅ 22 mm – brass

Hand hammered branding
Hand polished metal
Metal set in clean, graphic circle shapes
Silver chain 800 mm long
Back closure is almost invisible
100% solid metal

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Meet the designer:

K Ó S M O S Limited, yet versatille Minimal, but considered Made from upcycled metal around Skåne, Sweden. KÓSMOS is the jewellery for those who appreciates thoughtful and local design. W... See more

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