K Ó S M O S – II

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K Ó S M O S  is a circular jewelry brand in every meaning of the word. Each necklace tells a story of industrial charm and circular consciousness. Every season the collection changes accordingly with what the producers have to offer. This summer collection consists of 5 different material:

∅ 65 mm – brass
∅ 50 mm – brass
∅ 40mm – aluminium
∅ 28 mm – copper
∅ 22 mm – brass

In this set you´ll get two sizes. They all fit together, so the choice is yours. A small brass with a medium copper for the office? Bold brass for the after-work? With these five options you get the freedom to discover your own graphic expression!

– Hand-hammered branding
– Hand polished metal
– Metal set in clean, graphic circle shapes
– Silver chain 800 mm long
– Back closure is almost invisible
– 100% solid metal
– Wall thickness of each ring: 1.5 mm


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Meet the designer:

K Ó S M O S  is a circular jewelry brand in every meaning of the word. Its minimal, but thoughtful collection is made from reclaimed material from metal producers around the Skåne region in Sweden.... See more

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