Golden Black

Molecules By Charm’ed, are unique pendants of beautiful pearls. The combination of colours and gold plated pearls gives an amazing play of light.

MOLECULES is consists of highly unique hand-made pieces of jewellery. The main piece of the jewellery is the pendent which is handmade from gold plated, sterling silver or coloured pearls.  Fitted together like molecules in the most fantastic combinations – either very classic with mainly gold, silver or copper or in colour combination with rose pink, black, blue metallic etc.

Black / Silver / 24 Kt. Gold plated

Width 2,7 cm.

Sterling Silver

74 cm

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Meet the designer:
Charmed Copenhagen

Charm’ed Copenhagen is a Danish luxury jewelry brand that celebrates individuality. Charm’ed Bracelet is the signature piece of Charm’ed Copenhagen. It is a bracelet you can wear at any tim... See more

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