Men Up North, Black Square Signet Ring, Male, Silver & Dark Wood

The “Black Square” collection is inspired by Kazimir Malevich’s painting of the same name from 1915. It is so simple and yet a tremendously strong and powerful piece. Malevich also did “White Square” and “Red Square” pieces which may inspire collections in the future. Stay tuned.

The square signet table is twisted slightly off-angle, creating a harmonious asymmetry, like visual music. The carefully selected and fitted wood piece goes all the way through the ring, making it both more interesting to look at and comfortable to wear.

Engraving on the inside of the ring band is available on request – please contact us for further information.

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Meet the designer:
Men Up North

Men Up North is a Danish jewellery brand, covering a wide selection of classic men's jewellery and accessories; cufflinks, rings, lapel pins, tie pins, bracelets, pendants and more. Originally-designe... See more

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