Zero In – Small Sculpture 25 cm x 10 cm

Hight: 25 cm  / varies

Widht: 10 cm / varies

Made by hand , free hand blown. Sculpture.

The sphere stands for a point zero, a focus or a new start. For me it also stands for the practice of doing nothing and how important that can be.

All of them are unique because it all depends on timing and the heat in the glass, how far I can extend the glass and further on how tall it will become. They are therefore a bit delicate to make. And fun to make:)

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Meet the designer:
Designed and Made by Nina Johanna Christensen

Nina is a Glassblower, Artist and Designer from Malmö Sweden, working with larger works as well as small production lines. In my work with the  "A Material in Motion" series, I want to show my f... See more

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