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Your classic COGNAC vase, designed by PIECE OF DENMARK, is hand blown, ground and polished in the traditional Scandinavian style, drawing on several hundred years of tradition within glass craftsmanship.



The inspiration for the COGNAC is taken from the classic cognac glass. The very simple mode of expression gives the vase a sharp, sculptural character, and due to its small tilt the vase continually changes its expression.


It takes considerable professional competency and skill to hand blow the vase and control the colour graduation. The rim is particularly noticeable, as is the reversed colour graduation technique making your vase change colour shade depending on the direction of light.


Your COGNAC is a limited edition product from PIECE OF DENMARK. The glass vase/sculpture is produced at a glass studio in Scandinavia.


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Meet the designer:
Piece of Denmark

PIECE of DENMARK is the collaboration between architect Dorte Kjettrup and designer Susanne Holmvang. The Aarhus duo share a great fascination by light and shadow, a universe reflecting beautiful ret... See more

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