Blister Bowl ‘Clear’

The unique visual language of the blister bowl and its name is shaped in its reference to the name of the plastic insert, seen in the bottom of the crates.

The word “blister” refers to the small pockets vacuum formed in the plastic sheet. It’s a beautiful simple process that works very well to cushion and protect whatever it contains. As a result of these pockets a unique and beautiful repeatable pattern is created.

And this is what the Blister Bowl is made to highlight. This beautiful piece of everyday engineering, bringing it from its underappreciated, one-time use product to a permanent, tabletop object.

The Blister Bowl is made from solid pressed glass and weights 3 kg.

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Meet the designer:

Matias Moellenbach is a small independent brand with all the products being designed by danish designer and Central Saint Martins graduate Matias Møllenbach. We design and produce the object our s... See more

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