SEATS Sand (2 pcs)

Seats are modular cushions, which can be combined in numerous ways with powerful magnets that are located inside in the foam filling. This provides the user with many applications. The materials are carefully selected for outdoor use, as Seats materials are prepared for flexible use, and for any type of weather.

The seating cushions, Seats call for an outdoor life at ground level, like the Japanese have practiced for many years. Sitting low in harmony with nature gives you the feeling of being connected with the earth – and helps to activate the senses, in the middle of this hectic everyday life.

Unique points of Seats:
Comfort, durability, operability, sitting comfortably at low altitude, aesthetics, modular, practical, flexible, urban, Danish design, produced in Denmark.

Seats are sold in sets of 2 pcs. with the same colour.

Seats are the obvious choice when you want to get out and enjoy tea on the balcony, coffee in the allotment garden, playing on the terrace, reading newspapers in the garden, meditation on the lawn, have Friday beer in the park, siesta in the shade, yoga on the beach, boat trip on the lake or a relaxing moment in outdoor spa – the possibilities are limitless…

Facts about Seats:
Each cushion measuring 50x50x8 cm. and weighs about 1 kg. each.
Is manufactured in weatherproof 100% polyester, which is UV stable, durable and water resistant.
Is anti-bacterial and fungal treated.
Soft surface that feels comfortable against the skin.
They are kept together by 8 hidden Neodymium magnets having a tensile strength of about 7 kg. each.
The filter is filling foam, which lets any moisture pass.
The net at the bottom provides ventilation.
Designed and produced in Denmark.

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Meet the designer:

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