Carousel is a jewelry box with a cone in the centre that is an essential part of the jewellery box. The design of the box was driven by an exploration of the form and functional aspects of the cone, which is the core element of the piece. The cone holds finger rings and is also the device that keeps the lid in place. And if you stack Carousel the cone also keeps the carousel on top in place. The inspiration comes from the classic carousel design, where a central column carries the structure.


Diameter 13cm – Height 4,4 cm

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Meet the designer:
Akiko Ken Made

AKIKO KEN MADE intertwines Japanese handicrafts with Danish furniture craftsmanship. Since 2009 AKIKO KEN MADE has intertwined Japanese handicrafts with Danish furniture craftsmanship. Akiko is o... See more

Reviews (2)

  • Ulla Susanne Koch

    So beautifully crafted!

  • Sophie

    Beautiful piece of design, so elegant. Pictures does not show the perfect finish of this fine design.