møbel og rum, ‘Satellite’, Hand Mirror

The Satellite Mirror is made from European oak. It comes in a natural oak or smoked oak variant. This particular version of the satellite mirror allows you to pick it up and move around with it and stumble upon new angles and objects or just to see how your new accessory or jewelry match your outfit. You can even spin it around for no apparent reason at all and to explore the mirror’s playful nature. The mirror is created from four equally sized pieces of oak and every mirror is unique as it has its own distinct patterns and qualities, ensuring one-off characteristics for each item.

Dimensions: Ø160mm
Material: European Oak & Glass
Care Instructions: Clean with damp cloth only

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Meet the designer:
møbel og rum

møbel og rum is rooted in quality craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics – qualities that are inherent in the Danish design tradition. Through their designs, møbel og rum conveys a symbiosis betwee... See more

Reviews (2)

  • Erik

    Awesome Piece of design, arrived quickly

  • Tom

    A very very nice hand-mirrow – many great details and real craftmanship.
    It is a bit expensive yes but really special and unique. Makes our new bathroom really stand out.
    Shipping and delivery was quick and smooth.