Seal Bell lamp pendant, classic – naturel colored ring sealskin

Seal Bell Pendant from Charlotte Bodil Studio is a lamp upholstered with unique Greenlandic seal fur and a handcrafted metal membrane.

Size: 20×25 cm

Led light bulb only!

The natural patterns in the skin gives each lamp its own special character and the lamp comes in various colors and sealskin types.

Seal Bell introduces a traditional material in combination with classic Danish design. The lamp is a cross between a lamp and a soft sculpture that provides us with light where we live.

We use only EU certified skins from Great Greenland that come from the traditional hunt conducted by Inuit communities for subsistence purposes. Also, we collaborate only with local craftsmen and manufacturers so we can proudly say that our lamps are handcrafted in the Nordic region.


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Meet the designer:
Charlotte Bodil Studio

Charlotte Bodil Studio is located in Copenhagen North West, owned by the product and textile designer Charlotte Bodil Hermansen. We create and manufacture unique homeware products that combine trad... See more

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