Hexa Basic is a unique bowl of lovely oak. With its simple design, we have sought to create a bowl that is pleasing to the eye and has endless possibilities for use. Hexa Basic is hand-polished to achieve a smooth, luxurious surface. Hexa Basic is the perfect choice for organizing a modern home. The bowl may be combined with other products in the Hexa series. Hexa Basic is perfectly suited to any room.

Hexa Line is a unique holder made of carefully-chosen European oak. The design is based on Nordic minimalism. With its timeless, multifunctional design, Hexa Line solves the problem of where to put tablets and smartphones. The multifunctional design can also be used as a cutting board or to hold pictures. The stability of Hexa Line sets it apart from other holders on the market. It may easily be combined with Hexa Basic to optimize the way you organize your daily life.

Height: 13,8 cm
Width: 12,2 cm
Depth: 2,5 cm

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Meet the designer:
Segment Denmark

About Segment Denmark:   Segment Denmark consists of the dynamic duo Lasse and Mads. We create unique, multifunctional designs that provide lovely, timeless solutions for organizing daily l... See more

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