BiRP magnet – twin pack

Package with a pair of BiRPmagnets: 1 natural oak & 1 smoked oak, both with golden magnet.

BiRPmagnet is a magnet for whiteboard or fridge, shaped as a bird chick in solid oak with large golden magnetic eyes. Combine a ‘bird’ with a ‘burp’: you get BiRP.
The strong magnets can be used to hold on to shopping list, memos or postcards onto the fridge or whiteboard. But BiRPmagnet is a double magnet and it can therefore also be used to hang things such as pen, keys or paperclips, making these always easy to be found. BiRPmagnet can also be stacked on one another.
BiRPmagnet is made of solid oak wood from 100% certified sustainable European forests and is available in natural oiled oak, smoked oiled oak and black lacquered oak.
Size: Diameter 70mm, thickness 16mm
Designed in Denmark – Made in E.U.

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Meet the designer:
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Reviews (1)

  • Yang

    Very solid and beautiful wood, fine work so it’s smooth to touch. Magnet is strong enough to stick to the fridge door or a metal plate so they don’t easily fall off. But most importantly, they look so lively and sweet! Great addition to our home!