GrowOn + StandOn – Wooden planter box with legs, raised planter box

To add an elegant look to your room or a terrace you can raise the GrowOn box with the high-quality wooden StandOn legs. The GrownOn box fits perfectly in between the StandOn legs which allows the installation on two heights. Just flip the StandOn around, to have the height that fit your taste and need.

GrowOn is designed to be versatile  which makes it perfect if you have limited space.

The different colours make it possible for you to fit it into your style.

Materials: Oak or Ash

Dimensions: 22/22/24 cm.

Available in four colors:

– Natural ash, giving it an organic feeling

– Warm grey ash, adding color but keeping a neutral look

– Black ash, a confident and distinctive color to really stand out

– Darkened oak, for a sophisticated loo

Available in four colors:

–  Natural pine, giving an organic feeling

– Neutral, warm grey ash

– Confident and distinctive black ask

– Sophisticated, darkened oak.

Dimensions: 27 x 37 x 2,5 cm.

Height: The legs raise the box from the floor or window of 17 or 26 cm.


A GrowOn set contains:

– A wooden GrowOn box with an openable plank attached with magnets

– Two replaceable, transparent 3L plastic containers, one for the water and one for the plant with the incorporated self-watering system

– A capillary mat

– One pair of StandOn legs

– One bolt

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