Desk Sculptures

The desk sculptures are a source of inspiration you can rearrange and use every day. The set comes with a round paperweight in stoneware, a square bookend in marble, a wooden cone and an arc in brass. You can use the items alone or set them up as a small collection of sculptures. They are beautiful, simple and even functional. Use them as your weekday desk meditation – or as a small collection in your living room.
Oak, Brass, Stoneware, Tigerskin Marble

Round paperweight in stoneware 10 R x 11 H cm
Square bookend in marble 12 L x 3 W x 20 H cm
Wooden cone 7 R x 16 H cm
Arc in brass 21 L x 3 W x 10 H cm

Meet the designer:
Kristina Dam Studio

Kristina Dam Studio is established with a mission of visualizing the dialectical relation between graphic design, interior, and art. Founder and owner Kristina Dam works with objects that in a simp... See more

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