Fillows, Chunky Blanket, Wool, Special Design

Our patterned design blanket is made of 100% merino wool. The blanket is handmade and the wool can extend a bit, so it can be used in a larger edition too. This blanket is unique and special, and with the pattern on the blanket, it can bring the finishing touch to the couch or the bedroom. This blanket has a great size and can be used to cover your legs oy your shoulder, in the chilling evenings.

Our blanket is made of 100% merino wool. The blanket is handmade, and the knitting can extend itself, so the blanket also can be used in a larger edition. Merino wool is some of the softest materials in the whole world, and therefore we offer a ’softness-guarantee’ on the blankets.

The carpet should be treated with care, as untreated wool tends to flutter by excessive friction. If you want the blanket to last for many years, care of the blanket is important. Care of the blankets is done by either hand wash in cold water and wool detergent, after which the carpet is dried horizontally with a towel underneath or by dry-cleaning. We recommend dry-cleaning.

See images for color codes

Size: 75x130cm

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Meet the designer:

Fillows is an exclusive Danish design that deals with hand-knit blankets and clothing. We use some of the best material that can be tracked and quality assures our products 100%. We put our customers ... See more

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