Monthly Calendar: Planning Dreams and Some Errands_2019

Collection “New Year Resolutions” is about the new year resolutions that we make every new year. List of things that we want to achieve and change about ourselves and/or the world…

The monthly calendar “Planning Dreams and Some Errands” helps you start fresh over and over again every month. The design keeps you focused, asks you about your expectations, and lets you evaluate your time. This way you never lose track of time, get lost in the errands of everyday life but instead you know what you want and if you are there. It keeps you conscious. It gives you second chances. It motivates you. The change doesn’t have to start the next year January, it is here and now.

We think “dream”, “love”, “play”, and “make peace” are pretty good new year resolutions to start with. But this calendar is your free space to say out loud your own new year resolutions. In this way each of you contributes to the collection. Endless new year resolutions…

Material: 14 pages, 190 gr uncoated paper, printed digitally in Ankara in limited edition with HP Indigo complying with the environmental criteria, bound with wire.

Size: A4

Variations: The same design was applied to 4 different countries as Denmark, England, Spain, Turkey depending on their national holidays. The national holidays are marked. Thus, we suggest that you choose the version that you are supposed to follow.

Language: English

Designed by Seda Özçetin and Şeyda Özçetin in 2018 in Copenhagen.

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