Coat rack with 4 porcelain pegs.

Beautiful curved coat rack with 4 porcelain pegs.

The coat rack is an elegant and simple piece in the entrance for coats or in kitchen/bathroom for towels.

The stave for the rack is made from white oak from a Scottish whisky barrel, which have the natural bend and raw look after 50 years of use.

Each stave is unique, no two are the same, so measurements and appearance can vary.


Length: 860 mm to 880 mm Height: 55 mm to 70 mm
Width: 50mm  Thickness: 22mm to 24 mm
Hooks: ø 30mm x 35 mm

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Meet the designer:
Art Of Barrel

The whisky barrels are made from American white oak in the USA, where they were used once. They were then exported to Scotland where they were used several times. The barrels/staves can therefore be ... See more

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