KANT 3-tone coffeetable

KANT is a playful and multifunctional coffee table. The table top is build up with 3 rhombus carved from one single wide solid oak plank – also the one with 3 different oak tones. Assembled, the tabletop forms a 3 dimensional cube by optic illusion – can you see it?

Several tables can be grouped into a wide coffee table forming different patterns, or the tables can be spread and used as individual side tables.
Each table can be assembled in 4 different ways, by turning the legs upside down or rotating the tabletop. This is easily done whenever you want using the magnet assembly.
The table is produced in Denmark in wide solid oak planks from 100% certified sustainable European forests and is available in four color combinations. KANT is numbered continuously and designed by Frederic Collette.

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Meet the designer:
Collect Furniture

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