Kaari Coffee Table (Walnut)

Kaari Coffee Table adds timeless sophistication to any space, whether your living room, business lobby or waiting space. The unique and bold design is eye catching, yet the design presents it as a dynamic and a slender piece. Kaari is designed by Juhani Horelli.

Dimensions: Height 40.50cm, Width 42cm, Length 113cm (table top 100cm), Weight ~22.50kg

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Meet the designer:
Pear & Coin

Pear & Coin Ltd. was founded in 2015 by two lifelong friends with the passion to create. Having met in London in 1993, Mikko and Juhani have been influenced by street art, skateboarding and DJ cul... See more

Reviews (1)

  • Chris Black

    My new table arrived quickly and everything is as expected – just nicer… Very pleased with this elegant design.