‘Just a Table’

You are the manager of your own home, workspace or office. ‘Just a Table’ will help and support you in any occasion.

The simplicity of ‘Just a table’ is continuous from the choice of materials, the static construction, the assembly of the parts, the surfacetreatment and a gentle touch of design. Even at the end of product-life (may it never come) ‘Just a Table’ is designed for disassembly and easy recycling.

Heigth/width/length: 70/90/180 cm

Table-top: Black stained and oil-treated Douglas fir plywood.

Frame: Matt polished stainless steel.

No tools needed for assembly.

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Meet the designer:

This is Scandinavian design with a strong focus on materiality. All excess has been removed so the components can reveal themselves  -  an... See more

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