Lastu Swing

Lastu Swing is a stylish take on the classic piece of fun furniture. It was inspired by sailing and the ropes are actually hand-tied by a naval expert that specializes in supplying ship equipment.

The seat itself is curved linoleum, providing comfort, durability and exquisite aesthetics, that are topped off with the metallic Pear And Coin logo embedded on the bottom. Lastu Swing is designed by Juhani Horelli.


Dimension: Seat Width 32cm, Length 58.50cm, Ropes are ~4m each.

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Meet the designer:
Pear & Coin

Pear & Coin Ltd. was founded in 2015 by two lifelong friends with the passion to create. Having met in London in 1993, Mikko and Juhani have been influenced by street art, skateboarding and DJ cul... See more

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