4 Flowercards

Flower cards. All motifs from 12 Flowers Calendar 2016 and 2017

Size: A6 folded card, 21,0 X 14,8 cm  Incl. envelope. Paper: PurePrint, FSCM PurePrint uncoated 250g. Print: Offsett.  Wrapped in loose foil

FLOWERCARDS is a C2C and C02  neutral produktion. Printed Sustainable by KLS PurePrint A/S, Copenhagen.

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Meet the designer:
Toril Bækmark

“Toril Bækmark works very intuitive painting her watercoler pictures, its often the paper and the feeling of letting go that determies the work.” Lino Budano, owner NEXTGALLERY Piacenza. Italy ... See more

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