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Oh well, we’ll admit it. We love the Scandinavian design marketplaces as well. But honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the pushing and shoving at these. We’d rather just order from home and have it delivered. The fact that you are reading this implies that you feel the same way.

Check out some of the classics-of-tomorrow below:


Side table B-11 by bordbord

Side table B-11


This stunning table by ‘bordbord’ is perfect for the lounge or as a bedside table. It presents a stylish way to store your magazines. Place green plants on it, like the Monstera plant, for an even more strict graphic expression. A straightforward form and funky colors is what make this steel wire table super modern.



BORDEAUX – Lamp by Haeng



Behold! the glorious Bordeaux-lamp by Haeng. The lamp is composed of modules of different shapes, colors and materials. It has a Nordic expression, based on the four different materials, wool, cork, glass and different tree sorts. This modern lamp will look stunning against a dark colored wall, which will complement the different materials.



Iceberg – A4 print by Bold Type Studio

Iceberg – A4 print

Bold Type Studio

The Iceberg by ‘Bold type Studio’ is a minimalistic and abstract print with a fresh, nordic geometric design. It is the perfect print to add a pop of color to minimalist interiors and all-white spaces. Choose a wooden frame for a soft expression, or a black one for a strict expression. Mix it with other small pieces of cool print.



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