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ENIITO - Dorothea Gundtoft


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And we have more goodies for you. The world famous New Nordic Design expert, Dorothea Gundtoft, handpicked two items from as potential design classics of tomorrow. Why not trust the picks of a true expert and get them now?
Not familiar with Dorothea and her work? Check out our feature here on the young International expert and learn much more about Scandinavian design.

Check Dorothea’s favorites out below:



Flip Tray – Large by The Oak Men

Flip Tray – Large

The Oak Men

The Flip Tray by The Oak Men comes in three different sizes small, medium and large and you can flip it for a color that suits your current mood. Use for serving or decorating – either way it’s pretty cool. Or in the words of Dorothea: “The Flip Tray by The Oak Men is beautiful, classic and simple. Again it is functional, and you can choose to flip it for a different color.”



Lastu Stool by Pear & Coin

Lastu Stool

Pear & Coin

An extra seat at the coffee table? A small table next to your TV-chair? A footstool in the lobby? Use the Lastu stool by Pear and Coin in any way you want. Put it in whichever room you feel like. it will look good either way. Once again Dorothea chalks it up for you: “The Pear & Coin ‘Lastu Stool’, that you can choose in several colors, is also really simple but beautiful.”



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