Danish Design Awards 2017 – Finalists

Danish Design Awards 2017 - Finalists

ENIITO helps Scandinavian designers scale their businesses internationally by building a better global marketplace for New Nordic designs.

The jury says:
How can Denmark’s many small design firms become more visible in the bigger marketplace beyond the country’s borders?
The ENIITO platform offers an ambitious design solution to a challenge that has tormented hundreds of up-and-coming designers lacking PR, sales, and marketing skills. So far, the platform has proved highly effective, and ENIITO is backed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Trade Council as well as a circle of solid investors.

Brilliant in all its simplicity – and a good example of how a well-executed idea can generate many jobs in both design and production.

Finalist in the category:
– a design award for solutions that create jobs in Denmark

The purpose of this award is to demonstrate that design can create employment. By creating products and services that people actually want and find relevant, design can contribute significantly to a nation’s economy and create new jobs.
The design mindset can also create new companies and industries, again contributing to the overall economy and the creation of new jobs. This award is given for an excellent business concept that demonstrates how the integration of design thinking can lead to outstanding national and/or international success and employment growth.

About Danish Design Award:
Danish Design Award highlights the impact and value of design, celebrates companies and designers across the country and showcases the difference their solutions make to industry, everyday life, and society at large.

Danish Design Award demonstrates the value and impact of design in Denmark today and inspires and stimulates the use of design and design thinking in companies and society.

The new partnership behind the Danish Design Award brings together the design industry and the entire country around an annual design event celebrating the difference design can make.

The award categories range from design that has created jobs or cut costs over health solutions and resource sharing to visionary concepts demonstrating the wide range and diversity of the capability of design to bring added value.

The Danish Design Award is a joint creation of the Danish Design Centre and the alliance of design professionals, Design Denmark.

The concept of design is undergoing rapid and constant change and expanding while the use of design spreads to new areas. It is our ambition that the Danish Design Award reflects a contemporary understanding of the many aspects of design and design thinking that are as relevant as ever for innovation, growth and the society in general.

Changes in society and technology are always going to present new challenges and possibilities. Design is a timeless instrument for creating holistic, well-considered and well-executed solutions.

Design may provide answers for some of the most burning questions faced by our society – about future growth and welfare, about countering climate change, about urban design; basically about ensuring a good life for the individual person.

Design is central to Danish values and our perception of what we do best.


When you buy from ENIITO you are buying a genuine piece of the North

The ENIITO mission is to place a piece of New Nordic design into every home internationally.

We want to embody the authentic Nordic lifestyle of balance, naturalness and wholesomeness without corruption.
ENIITO therefore supports these authentic, uncompromising designers onto an international platform. Through ENIITO’s
inspirational universe, the brand reaches into the homes and hearts of their global consumers.