3 trendy colors for 2018

Colors – who can live without them? Perhaps you would think of typical Scandinavian colors being calm, clean and without much flamboyant expression. Light and classic Scandinavian colors like blue, grey, black and white.
However, the 2017 trend colors when it comes to furniture design, interior, fashion and accessories continue to shine in 2018. Warm red colors like rust, cinnamon, ochre and burgundy.
But brown will be one of the most dominant colors in 2018 – all shades of brown that is! In the opposite spectre we find the pastel colors, which will also get a revival and become one of the trendy colors in 2018. However, not Miami pastels but the light and dusty ones.
So, rest assure, 2018 will not be boring color-wise. You will find lots of Scandinavian designproducts in the new colors here with us. Have a look at our editors color inspiration collection below and remember to explore the ENIITO marketplace for colorful designs on your own.

Naturally the 2017 trends are not outdated yet, in fact many of the 2017 trends follow us in 2018. If you need an update to the 2017 trends we wrote this article: These are the new trends of design: 7 trends that will dominate 2017.

Dusty light Pastels

Ocher & Rust

Deep Brown