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The Holiday season is right around the corner approaching us with fast steps and we are as excited as a child on… yeah well… Christmas. Need inspiration for that perfect Christmas gift to someone special? Get injected with a big shot of inspiration on Christmas shopping Scandinavian and Nordic design.

We will show you some of the best design products that Nordic designers have to offer in categories such as Scandinavian furniture , Scandinavian interior and Scandinavian jewellery and accessories , Admittedly, some of it won’t fit underneath your Christmas tree, but it will fit right into your homes and hearts. Or maybe you just need to get a bigger tree…

Get a glimpse of modern and minimalistic Nordic // Scandi design in a fashion that will leave you wanting more. If you need even more inspiration for the perfect Christmas gift do take a look at our collection of 99 wonderful Christmas gift ideas at

Scandinavian furniture: Scandinavian designers have a proud tradition of creating minimalistic, unique and highly functional furniture. This is a tour de force in craftsmanship and wooden Scandinavian furniture. If you are looking to spend a little more on the Christmas gifts this year, the nordic design way would be a good way to go. Solid, build to last and just aesthetically beautiful.

Scandinavian Interior: These interior gift ideas are sure to Scandi up any home. Once again functionality and minimalism are key and unlike the furniture above, these designs will actually fit under your Christmas tree. Scandinavian interior design is in a good state these days and this is merely a snippet of a regular gold mine of gorgeous designs for the interior of your home.

Scandinavian fashion, accessories and jewelry Northeners are often being accused of wearing black and only black. To be honest there is a lot of truth in that, so here is a a few gift ideas that would be perfect for someone, who could use a bit of color and variety in their wardrobe. The jewelry and accessories are ideal compliments for an otherwise black look.