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ENIITO, from the Latin word Ab Initio (from the beginning), is hatched from a genuine passion for New Nordic Design and the simple thought of all the untapped potential that exists in Scandinavia. The categories and designers are chosen in adherence to the Nordic design principles of quality, functionalism and minimalism. By only featuring the unseen and upcoming Scandinavian craftspeople ENIITO nurtures entrepreneurship, innovation and uniqueness – it is a needed alternative to otherwise mainstream brands.

Why? Because Scandinavian design is so much more than superstars such as Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto, Wegner, Peter Opsvik, Poul Kjærholm, Bruno Mathsson, Simo Heikkilä, Iittala, Verner Panton and all the other Scandinavian icons.

ENIITO is working B2C and B2B.

ENIITO.COM is a marketplace where interesting Scandinavian designers by the hundreds sell their designs. For the international consumer the result is a treasure chest of unique and authentic design and a one-stop-access to the best New Nordic design-products and the classics-of-tomorrow.

ENIITO is providing design solutions for the professional market. We are helping architects, interior-architects, contractors, manufactures, design-brokers etc. giving fantastic projects, big and small, an inspiring and fresh Scandinavian touch. ENIITO has talented Scandinavian designers by the hundreds in the team with experience within design and development of various projects. ENIITO also has a dedicated team specialized with prototyping and small-scale productions of design-solutions within furniture, interior, textile, metal and more.

To you or your firm this gives you almost endless possibilities. The most common and easy solution is to chose the classic and often ordinary designs. But if you want your project to stand out you have to follow another path. Until now this could be a very confusing task but with ENIITO it does not have to be.

Case 1:
A client needs 16 lounge-chairs for a law-company. ENIITO will provide one or more design-suggestions from our designers. The client will in close co-operation with ENIITO chose the optimal design for the objective and one or more prototypes will be fabricated. When the prototype is approved the 16 lounge-chairs will be produced.

Case 2:
A restaurant needs 30 vases but in stead of chosing the mainstream Lyngby or Kähler vases ENIITO can offer interesting and unique alternatives.

Case 3:
A hotel needs 100 bed-tables with a unique Nordic expression. ENIITO will get our huge design-team involved and together with the client the best design and solution is picked. ENIITO will handle prototyping, development and production.

Case 4:
A manufactor needs a design for a thermos that the manufactor will put into production. ENIITO will suggest one or more design-solutions to form and function. The right design is picked and the manufactor puts the thermos into production.

Already now talented Scandinavian designers by the hundreds are working with ENIITO. Each one of them are specialized within different categories and types of design, giving ENIITO huge advantages compared to traditional design-firms. And new designers are added constantly. ENIITO is founded in 2015 by designer-couple Ina Luise og Thomas Brixen together with a dedicated team with experience from the world of design & interior, architecture, business development, marketing and more.

We would love to hear about your project and look forward helping bringing it to life. Please fill out the contact-form and we will get back to you right away. Or you can simply contact us directly – see our contact-info below the form.

Klaus Clemmens, Head of ENIITO B2B
Phone.: +45 26 71 75 41