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ENIITO has been established with the mission to promote and make Scandinavian Design accessible international.

ENIITO.COM is a marketplace, meaning that the shopper buys directly from the designer. ENIITO provides the platform and the ecommerce-tools such as payment gateways and more. We offer access to our tailored community of Scandinavian design lovers, feature you and your work on the online platform and our other channels as well as sponsor advertising campaigns promoting you and your work.


  • ENIITO offer access to a tailored international community of Scandinavian design lovers.
    We promote and feature you and your work on the marketplace, the blog, our other channels and social media.
  • ENIITO sponsors advertising campaigns promoting you and your designs.
  • ENIITO facilitates the transactions and offers a secure payment gateway, which supports all major credit cards, MobilePay and PayPal.
  • To suit the needs of your business, ENIITO offers two different packages. The Basic Package and The Premium Package. ENIITO will build and maintain shops for designers signed up for the Premium Package.
  • You are the shop owner. So you must take care and handle stock, shipping and maintenance of the shop just as a regular webshop. The more you do yourself to get orders at your shop the more orders you will see. If you do not have great product-images and descriptions we strongly recommend that you get it done. You will not get many orders if you have bad text and pictures no matter how great your designs are. Great images, detail-shots, good product-descriptions with info about material, sizes and what’s great about your products is crucial to sell online. This especially apply for designs that isn’t mainstream.
  • To get access to the platform and ecommerce-tools – as well as our tailored community of Scandinavian design lovers, which includes being featured in our PR and marketing activities, ENIITO takes a start up fee + commission a percentage of each sale. Commission and start up fee varies with choice of package – please see further below.

United We Grow – The ENIITO-community

By becoming a part of ENIITO, designers also become a part of a community consisting only of the most talented upcoming Scandinavian designers. As members of the ENIITO-family designers are part of a growing organism developing throughout Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

By joining forces, ENIITO and designers create a hub that cannot be overlooked. The wide array of designers, categories and products makes it possible to attract a large and international audience looking for authentic Scandinavian design.

Join ENIITO and start growing in unity.


At ENIITO we are always on the look-out for talented designers, makers and artists. Follow these easy steps to apply for you own webshop at eniito.com. To get a design shop at eniito.com you must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Based in Denmark, Sweden or Finland.
  2. Design / produce quality products.
  3. Fully committed to promote and manage your ENIITO-shop.
  4. Able to supply high quality product images (packshot, environment and detail).
  5. Able to supply good and descriptive copyright to your products and shop-profile.
  6. Able to deliver or ship the products once you receive orders. Do not list products for sale you cannot deliver within the specified timeframe.
  7. Read, understand and accept the ENIITO seller terms.


If you can agree to these terms you are ready to take action. Please fill out the form below and enclose:

  • Link to your existing website or social media page
  • A short description of you
  • A short description about your brand and products
  • What you like about the ENIITO concept
Start up fee / 299 dkk
Designer creates and manages shop
Uploads products including:
– Images prepared for web
– Product-text
Changes copies, images, prices
if needed
Keeps stock updated
Completes orders
Ships products
Commission fee
(including transaction fee)
of the order value in total on finished sales
Start up fee / 1.999 dkk
ENIITO creates and manages shop
ENIITO uploads products and product-text
ENIITO changes copies, images and prices if needed
ENIITO updates stock
ENIITO completes orders
All that shop owner/designer with the premium package must do is:
– Keep ENIITO updated on new products.
– Keep ENIITO updated on sales or
changes in prices.
– Ship the order.
– Inform ENIITO when an order
is shipped.
Commission fee
(including transaction fee)
of the order value in total on finished sales


We look at applications once a week – and if you fit the ENIITO profile
you can open your shop right away and start selling. It is easy.

We look forward hearing from you.

All the best
The ENIITO-team

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