ENIITO - Ambassador program

Are you a blogger or an influencer?

Would you like to become an Ambassador for ENIITO?

ENIITO is a marketplace that helps Scandinavian designers grow, by uniting them with design buyers from all over the world. If you want to contribute by sharing our designers’ work to your audience, we would like to make a deal with you.

For each sale, you lead to ENIITO with your own unique link, you will get a commission of 10% on the sale.

It’s super simple to get started with – just send us a link to your social media and we will get you up and running with our Ambassador program in no time. There will be no difficult link generating – we take care of the tech details for you. All you do is to continue your amazing work on your social media channels and make money from it! After you have generated your first sale to ENIITO, we will begin to negotiate sponsorships to you with products from ENIITO.

The Ambassador program is available on all your social media-profiles; blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

We can’t wait to hear from you at

ENIITO - Selected affiliate productsWhen you buy from ENIITO you are buying a genuine piece of the NorthENIITO - Selected affiliate products

The ENIITO mission is to place a piece of New Nordic design into every home internationally.

We want to embody the authentic Nordic lifestyle of balance, naturalness and wholesomeness without corruption. ENIITO therefore supports these authentic, uncompromising designers onto an international platform. Through ENIITO’s inspirational universe, the brand reaches into the homes and hearts of their global consumers.