Meet Team Eniito

Driven by a passion for design and entrepreneurship, ENIITO is established to assist Scandinavian designers reach quality conscious shoppers world-wide. Because unique Scandinavian quality designs should be easy to reach no matter where in the world you live.

Our team share the ENIITO community’s passion for quality, design and entrepreneurship. Combined we offer years of entrepreneur, design, PR and marketing experience.

Ina Luise Brixen

Co-founder & Head of Marketing

A graphic designer by trade, but an
entrepreneur by heart. “I always dream
BIG and the ENIITO vision is, without a
doubt, both big and beautiful”.

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Thomas W. Brixen

Co-founder & CEO

Designed and produced a range of
furniture 10 years ago. Worked with
design, marketing, photography and
communication ever since

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Eniito member Mikkel Kristiansen

Mikkel Kristiansen

Front-End developer

Living in a small town hidden away
by corn fields. Fascinated by
computer technology and an avid user
of it ever since I could walk.

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Lau Mikkelsen

PR & Communication Manager

Living in Copenhagen C. A big fan
of eloquent writing and storytelling.
Can’t fall asleep without a podcast
in the headphones.

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Eniito member Lau Mikkelsen
Eniito member Amanda Svendsen

Amanda Svendsen

Content Creator & Social Media

I’m a student at IT-University in
Copenhagen and living in Nørrebro.
I’ve been blogging since 2007 and
I’m a major consumer of social media.

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Charlotte W. Brixen

Designer & Content Creator

Art directed Danish interior,
lifestyle magazines and books.
I have passion for pictures,
collages and paintings and building
visual universes to tell a story.

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Eniito member Charlotte W. Brixen